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Hopper Spreader Conveyor Chain 10ft for Swenson Replaces OEM# 0404507300. $978.69 $1,565.90. SKU: 1457155. Out Of Stock - Call For Availability. OEM# 0404507300. 10ft length. 119 links. Call To Order. 1-866-658-7952.

Diversified Fabricators, Inc Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders

24" stainless conveyor chain, with half-rate sprocket 30" clearance under trailer steel roller chain All bolts stainless steel Hydraulic driven spinners Dishes, blades, and bolts, stainless steel Heavy 2" x 6" rectangular tube chassis 10 bolt, 12000 pound hub and spindle assemblies. 24,000 pound axle 18.4x26 tires on 76" track Swivel spring hitch

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The Sides Spreader is the only AG lime spreader that will fit on the back of any tractor with a 3-point hitch. This allows you to spread inexpensive, wet, agriculture lime where you can't take a big truck. As a plus, you don't have to wait on that big truck.

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Featuring a 34-inch wide belt-over-chain conveyor the Double Duty spreader provides an even flow to the spinners with no bridging when spreading lime or litter. Its patented funnel divider allows material to flow to the spinners with pin-point control and 24-inch computer-controlled spinners maintain consistency and …

New Idea Manure Spreaders – Small Farmer's Journal

Figures 14 and 15 clearly illustrate how the lime spreading attachment should be attached to the spreader. As will be noted the lime spreading attachment is driven by removing the upper cylinder chain and placing it in position for driving the attachment. When loading lime into the spreader the endboard should be placed in front of the tine rake.

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SL6. Pequea's SL 6 is a compact yet highly powerful lime spreader capable of carrying up to six tons of material. It comes standard with variable hydraulic web and spinner controls and heavy duty walking beams. For increased precision and automated traceability, Pequea offers the Digistar Automated Rate Controller System as an option.

High-Strength Manure Spreader Chain - USA Roller Chain

Manure Spreader Chain The very first manure spreader was invented in 1859 by Joseph Oppenheim. However, the first use of actual manure spreader chains was not used until 1875 when the first successful automated manure spreader was designed by Joseph Kemp.

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2016 Terra Gator TG8400B, AGCO diesel engine, CVT transmission, air conditioning, heat, Am/Fm CD radio, beacon light, New Leader L4000 - 14' dry spreader box (S/N 462577), twin spinner, all hydraulic, stainless steel insert, New Leader L4000 G4 stainless steel Multi Bin, Firestone 48x31.00-20 front tires, Michelin Mega X Bib 1000/50R25 rear tires, Overview cab camera, Raven Viper 4 monitor ...

3 Ton Pull Type Lime & Fertilizer Spreader - Warren ...

Lime and Fertilizer Pull Type Spreader. The Warren WFT-2010-3 is intended for spreading: ag lime, gypsum, dry fertilizer, and other free flowing material. No other spreader is as versatile and accurate as the Warren AccuMaxx. Download Literature.

Lime Spreaders: Products - Adam's Fertilizer Live

Lime > Lime Spreaders. The Adams 8 Ton HLS-8-2W is a top of the line hydraulic lime spreader. Designed with one 12K axle and a 50 ft. spread pattern. This unique design is perfect for any of your fertilizer and/or lime application needs. Hydraulic engaging and twin 24... Learn More Request a Quote

Wet Lime Spreaders - Stoltzfus Spreaders

Wet Lime Spreaders. For farmers who are dissatisfied with light duty spreaders, the Wet Lime Spreader is a machine that is built for spreading wet or damp agricultural lime. Unlike a fertilizer spreader, the Wet Lime Spreader has a 24 inch wide conveyor and steep, 53 degree side slopes and a 4" drop pan to prevent material bridging in the hopper.

Lime Spreader - Pequea

The apron and spinner functions on the Lime Spreader are driven hydraulically by the hydraulic pump run by the tractor PTO. The spreader is equipped with precision hydraulic valves (Figure 4) to fine-tune both the spinner and apron chain speed to accommodate a wide range of spread patterns, material density and much more.

Salt/Lime Spreader Bed | Snowplow Forums

5,486 Posts. #4 · Oct 24, 2004. A standard hopper sander with a bed chain should work fine as long as you can close the gate down. The commercial operation that has done my fields spreads fertilizer and lime in the sumer and salt/sand in the winter months. I am going to try my Topkick with the tailgate sander this fall.

FTL-EXW Fertilizer and Lime Spreader - Chandler Equipment

Description. The Chandler FTL-EXW is designed to fit a wide range of truck chassis from Single Axle, Tandem Axle or a Semi -Float setup. With our 70' spread width on fertilizer and 50' on lime the FTLH-EXW is able to cover ground faster. This is accomplished by field proven dished type spinners with a four-blade design that gives the ...

20-PTT-FT - Chandler Equipment

Description. The Chandler mid-size fertilizer/lime tandem axle pull-type line is the standard for farmers looking to cover a variety of croplands. The 10-PTT-FT and 20-PTT-FT at 10' long hold capacities of 6 and 8 tons respectively. Our dependable ground wheel drive setup is designed for flexibility in spreading both higher rates of lime and ...

Replacement Spreader Conveyor Chain Assemblies

Replacement Conveyor Chain 667X Belt Over Bar Chain 40667XBOB. Replacement Conveyor Chain 667X Belt Over Bar Chain. This Replacement Conveyor Chain is used on material spreaders such as Fertilizer Spreaders, Rock Spreaders, Lime Spreaders or any spreader spreading heavy material. [ Request a Quote ]

Does anyone RENT a pull behind lime spreader | GON Forum

Just 1, if there's a southern states dealer near you, they have spreader buggies you can use for free as long as you buy the lime from them. they're chain drives, no hydraulics needed Do it if for no other reason than it's the right thing to do

Replacement Conveyor Chain 667X Belt Over Bar Chain - Parts

Replacement Conveyor Chain 667X Belt Over Bar Chain. This Replacement Conveyor Chain is used on material spreaders such as Fertilizer Spreaders, Rock Spreaders, Lime Spreaders or any spreader spreading heavy material. To find a representative in your area please enter the following information.

New Leader - Fertilizer Spreaders | Ag Lime | Compost | BioSul

Fertilizer Spreaders, Compost Applicators, Ag Lime Spreaders Because precision agriculture can only be as precise as your spreader. Wherever accuracy and productivity are important, you'll find New Leader spreaders. Our precision application equipment is designed for situations where the precise placement of nutrients is essential.

Dry Spreaders - Lime / Fertilizer - Nessa Inc

Loftness L1230 12-Ton Spreader The Loftness L1230 12-ton spreader features a belt-over-chain conveyor design that is ideal for spreading lime, but can also be used for fertilizer applications. It is variable rate ready with hydraulic belt and spinner drives, and also has a 41-inch frame clearance for in-season use in row crops.

Fontaine Salt Spreader Chains - USA Roller Chain

These salt spreader chains are high-strength direct OEM replacement chain assemblies for Fontaine salt spreaders. We use high strength 600-series pintle chains that featured heat-treated components, quad staked pins and promote smooth continuous operation. Each assembly is manufactured and supplied complete with slats, so installation is a breeze.

Stoltzfus Lime Spreaders | Discover the Stoltzfus Difference

Stoltzfus spreaders feature a unibody, fully welded design, proven material delivery system, rugged spring or walking beam suspensions, heavy duty drive trains, and top mounted spinner motors which combine to create a spreader that is rugged enough for lime, yet precise enough for fertilizer.

Lime Belt Conveyor - Adam's Fertilizer Live

Adams Lime/Fertilizer Bulk loader conveyor is an all self contained unit, 25 hp Kohler engine over hydraulic drive, variable speed control, hi-torque hydraulic drive motor, 24" PVC belting, industrial duty 4" metal tri-roller with sealed bearings, all heavy gauge mild steel construction, powder coat paint, 12.5 x 15 tires and wheels, hydraulic assist dolly jacks, dual sided hopper fold ...

Litter, Lime, and Organics Spreaders — Salford Group

A towable lime and fertilizer spreader, optimized for golf courses, as well as ag, turf farms, and small farms, MagnaSpread and Cricket models feature low profiles, high maneuverability, and minimize soil compaction. These pull behind fertilizer spreaders require as little as 30-40 HP tractor to pull.

Products - Warren Spreaders - Ag, Ice Control, Specialty

Products AG SPREADERS Warren, Inc. manufactures a full line of agricultural spreaders for various product applications such as Lime, Fertilizer, Poultry Litter, Gypsum, Compost, and other free flowing materials. SNOW & ICE CONTROL SPREADERS Warren snow and ice control

Spreading Ag Lime | Green Tractor Talk

2,381 Posts. #5 · Jul 27, 2020. I spread 3 tons of lime last fall using a 300 lb spin spreader. Like hosspuller said, it works great for Pelletized lime. I had 2 ton Pelletized and 1 ton that was in 50 lb bags. The lime in the bags was supposed to be pelletized, but was just powder.

McD Lime Spreader – Small Farmer's Journal

This Trailing Lime Spreader is designed to be operated with the fans level when the wagon or truck is empty. The length of drawbars should be adjusted by using the holes in rear end so that front edge of hopper will just clear the wagon or truck bed. ... 10 Chain tightener arm

Spreader Replacement Parts - Parts for most brands of ...

BBI offers spreader replacement parts and has an exceptionally knowledgeable staff that can help you find the parts you need for MOST BRANDS of Agricultural Spreaders quickly. Call Richard Tanner at 800-282-3570 ex 234. We have STOCKING DEALERS throughout the country so you can pick up what you need locally - or we ship daily to meet your needs!

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Hydraulic Driven Chain Litter/Lime Conveyor. Lime > Lime Chain Conveyor. Dumping height up to 15 ft.Adams manure and litter chain conveyor, 27 hp Kohler engine over hydraulic drive, hydraulic height adjustment, standard length of 32 ft., 32" wide pintle bar chain with 2" x 1/4" angle bars on 9" centers, dual heavy duty ja...

: chain spreader

Missouri 11400 Old Highway 40 Boonville, MO 65233 Phone: 1-800-892-6082 Fax: 1-660-882-6136

Salford BBI Spreaders - Brothers Equipment

Conveyor available in 20″ & 16″ width stainless steel mesh chain for a combination Fertilizer/Lime Spreader or an 8″ stainless steel mesh conveyor chain if you are only interested in a fertilizer application. Both the Liberty and Trooper Spreader have an 80 ft. spread pattern with most granular fertilizers. THAT'S RIGHT AN 80FT.

FTLH-EXW Fertilizer and Lime Spreader - Chandler Equipment

With our 90' spread width on fertilizer and 60' on lime, the FTLH-EXW is able to cover ground faster. This is accomplished by field-proven dished type spinners with a four-blade design that gives the Chandler FTLH-EXW an oval pattern that has been the desirable pattern throughout the industry for many years. 110" Wide Hopper.

Replacement Conveyor Chains | Mill Supply, Inc.

Hopper spreader conveyor chain. $324.00. Salt Spreader Conveyor Drag Chain for Henderson 8 Foot FSP 1454110. SKU: 1454110. Replacement hopper spreader conveyor chain that fits Henderson FSP 61201, 8' length. Dipped in black oxide paint. Extra chain pin and... more. $331.70. Salt Spreader Conveyor Drag Chain for Hi-Way P 8 Foot 1455110.

GE-1000 - Adam's Fertilizer Live - Fertilizer Spreaders

"lil billy"lime/fertilizer/seed combo spreader, 8" stainless steel mesh chain, heavy duty gear box, lock out hubs for transport, single axle, 18 x 8.50- 8 tires, 1000 lb capacity. 663 lbs total weight, 11 cubic ft capacity (approx 1000 lbs lime), 8' stainless steel mesh chain, heavy duty gear box, lock out hubs for transport, single axle.


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